The ancestry and descendants of American Revolutionary War Captain Henry Lott (1707-1784) of New York and Pennsylvania
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The Lott ancestry of American Revolutionary War Captain Henry Lott (1707-1784) originates with Henry's great grandfather, Engelbert Lott, who emigrated from Holland to New Amsterdam in the New World in the early 1600s.

One son of Henry Lott, Zephaniah Lott (1742-1829), who married Else Van Pelt (1750-1836), emigrated to Pennsylvania and later Delaware County, Ohio.  Another son, Leonard Lott (about 1743-1812), who married Letitia Flandereau (about 1745-unknown), settled in the Luzerne/Wyoming County area in northeastern Pennsylvania.
"This web site is dedicated to my third great grandmother, Deborah Lott (1799-1825), wife of Emer Harris (1781-1869), who, despite a short life, left a remarkable legacy to her posterity."  -- Brent J. Belnap